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Antigona by Givenchy: For the 10th anniversary a new version of the iconic bag is introduce

© Givenchy

Antigona – a true classic from Givenchy. Ten years ago in autumn it was introduced as part of the leather goods collection of that time. Precision and structure provided the characteristics required for a timeless model. Then as now, it is loved by both men and women.

A new version for the tenth anniversary

The collection of existing versions of the bag is now to be extended by another one. For the tenth anniversary of the iconic bag, there will be an additional version that reinterprets the traditional model: The Antigona Soft.

Designers of the internationally renowned fashion company have skilfully created contrasts that make a seamless transition into different life situations possible. Smooth leather gives the bag sensuality and breaks with the rigidity of the classic model. Overall, the new version should look more relaxed. The interior of the bag is also well thought out and dedicated not only to design but also to purpose.

The bag is available in timeless black, white, pearl grey, aubergine and midnight blue as well as a seasonal range of candy pink, sand, military green and ice blue. Also worth noting are the directional variations, which include a style in vintage leather with hand placed studs and a version in braided cord and leather.

Special shop window design for the occasion

The iconic lines of the bag have provided the basis for the special design in the shop windows that honour Antigona in Givenchy boutiques in Paris. Neon installations show the outlines of the bags and are intended to build a bridge between traditional and new design. According to Givenchy, “[t]hese two visions of the same idea of leather goods reflect the creative freedom advocated by the couture house.”

© Givenchy

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