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These were the 7 most iconic fashion trends in the last decade

Fashion constantly evolves and, even though new trends come up every now and then, there are others that do come back. From absolutely stunning & relatable choices, to others that will make you ask “What??!!”, fashion trends are fun and a never ending occurrence. Since, we have begun a brand new decade, we’ve decided to share some of the biggest fashion trends in the just concluded one. Here are 7 of the most iconic fashion trends in the last decade;

Crop Tops

Starting our list is crop tops. Yes, this past decade was undeniably ruled by crop tops. Why?… maybe, because they’re fun, pretty and comfortable to wear. Also, they are very versatile, as they can be worn in different event settings and you’ll stand out. This amazing fashion trend was popular in the 90’s before it made a comeback in the last decade. Even though it was mostly paired with high waisted skirts & pants at first, it later inspired the making of the Bralette. Bralettes & crop tops can be styled effortlessly in a fashionable way.

Bike Shorts

Another 90’s trend that rocked the 2010’s were bike shorts. Bike shorts came back with a force and even though we weren’t too sure about this trend, it was interesting and truly defined comfortable fashion. Bike shorts were paired with over-sized tees and sneakers, as well as, pretty crop tops & heels. It’s easy, versatile & comfy… what more do you need?


Easily one of the biggest trends this past decade, a lot of celebrities made this fashion style popular. From super models like Gigi Hadid & reality tv stars like Kim Kardashian, athleisure became the go to for many people. Basically, it became a norm to ditch the heels for sneakers and more formal attire for sweatshirts. This amazing trend was fashion forward, versatile and extremely comfortable.

Perspex (Clear) Heels

From low heeled shoes to high thigh boots, perspex heels rocked became popular towards the end of the last decade. However, it still had a great impact, as a lot of celebrities rocked this trend. Nevertheless, we can’t really tell if this was a good trend or not… probably not, if you tend to sweat a lot, because of the visible dewiness. Overall, it is aesthetically pleasing when paired with a bomb ensemble.


Tiny Sunglasses

The sunglasses trend in the 2010’s was both exciting and a bit weird. In the early part of the decade, sunglasses with huge frames were the trend and all of a sudden, here comes the tiniest frames you could ever imagine. Some of them were so small, they couldn’t cover your eyes properly. Nevertheless, they were absolutely trendy & fashionable.


Chokers are another 90’s fashion trend that made its way to the 2010’s and definitely ruled the decade. They were obviously more fashionable and the varieties available were iconic. It doesn’t matter it you were spotting a  street style, casual, or classy, formal look, there was a choker for you.

Tiny Bags

In the Spring of 2018, a French designer named Jacquemus debuted his Le Chiquito bag and it instantly became a favorite. Since then, there have been smaller versions that are so tiny, you might only be able to fit a wedding ring in it.


Well, there you have it, 7 of the most iconic fashion trends of the past decade. Of course, there are a lot of other trends that were popular, but these were undoubtedly the biggest. Take a look at the list and let us know how many you tried!

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