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Special clothing for working at home: How the Covid-19 lockdown will influence fashion trends in 2020

The year 2020 marks the beginning of a new decade in the world calendar and should actually be a great and successful year for everyone. Many industries have made beautiful and thoughtful plans for more growth and expansion in 2020. However, the year so far has not gone the way most people expected it to, because it has brought a terrible surprise to everyone, including most businesses.

It is no longer news that the coronavirus, which spread around the world earlier this year, has had a devastating effect on many industries and has even brought some of them to a complete standstill. In this article we will examine how the pandemic and the closure of the countries that followed it will affect the fashion industry and trends this year.

It is obvious that the fashion industry was terribly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, because without the subsequent lockdown the industry would now be booming as many fashionistas prepare their wardrobes for the perfect summer fashion statements. Unfortunately, however, the BBC recently reported a massive drop in sales in the industry. It is inevitable that some adjustments will be made in the industry and will go even further; it is expected that there will be some changes in fashion trends this year. Here are some of these expected changes:

More Fashion Events on the Internet

As countries are locked down and everyone stays at home, people spend more time on the Internet and most industries are also moving their business to the Internet. Already in the past, fashion shows were broadcasted on the Internet – this technological development could be rapidly accelerated by the corona virus. Also, popular fashion influencers and lobbyists have taken to using their Instagram accounts to show new designs and make fashion statements in recent times. More of this is expected in the coming days.

Face masks as essential accessory

After relevant health organizations confirmed that the use of face masks is one way to limit the spread of the virus around the world, more people have begun to use face masks in their daily activities. Some governments have even made the wearing of face masks mandatory for their citizens. As was to be expected, the fashion industry has adapted to this development and various designs of face masks are now rocking the fashion world. It is also expected that this trend will continue for a long time this year.

Special clothing for working at home

The ban imposed by governments around the world has forced many people to work from home. This means that they have to participate in meetings and work sessions via telephone or video conferencing. As a result, these people are beginning to realize that they do not have appropriate clothing for video calls, which is not too high-end for home, but still looks appropriate.

It goes without saying that the COVID-19-influenced lockdown has affected almost all human activities, including fashion in 2020. We hope that we will soon return to normality and that you will remain healthy until then.

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