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Lou de Bétoly remains faithful with her SS20 collection

Berlin, Germany – With the phrase “Fashion is ephemeral, dangerous and unfair” Karl Lagerfeld lays bare the constantly changing nature and difficulties that accompany the industry.

However Lou de Bétoly has proven the ability to adapt to this business while remaining faithful to her surrealistic and extravagant style in her SS20 collection.

The Berlin-based fashion artist Odély Teboul’s unusual and wonderful combination of colors, from rocky blacks and intense blues to the soft nude tones of afterglow, along with intense and dramatic textures, demands attention, making it obvious that her work is a result of beautifully hand crafted details.

Transporting you to the world of strange waters, mermaids, coral reefs and fishing nets, the new work showcased at Berlin Fashion Week, seemed on the one hand delicate and dreamy, while on the other hand almost disturbing.

The fishing nets, which are already a trademark of the designer, appeared asymmetric and random while also cleverly thought out, to ultimately achieve a design that seems completely logical.

Another highlight of the show was the 68 year old model Anna von Rügen, who demonstrated close-fitting and brief dresses with her confident and majestic appearance in the spotlight.

All in all, the collection has a scandalous essence that projects the models through a trashy-tinged perspective, developing intrigue and solidifying the safeguards for survival in a perpetually changing industry.

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