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NYFW: New York Fashion Week Spring 2021 Highlights Day 2

Photo: Courtesy of Private Policy

What a wonderful first two days we have already had with New York Fashion Week and the many different new collections of the designers. Certainly the new format is a cause for criticism, but there are also some points that should be emphasised positively: For example, our editors have never been able to get from one show to the next so quickly, or had such easy access to images. Already in the first few days it is noticeable that there is one theme which has been the focus of many designers: Rebirth. The corona crisis seems to have pulled many into a deep hole, the longing for change is great. Let’s have a look at what the designers were striving for on the second day of New York Fashion Week. Here is the summary of some of our highlights.

Private Policy

Healing and bliss or at least a breath of fresh air, which is urgently needed after a year full of difficulties, is what the new collection of PRIVATE POLICY aims to convey. According to the motto “In search of Aphrodite”, this is to redefine the image of the Greek goddess, the spirit of life. As she is also known for “the ultimate beauty”, in times when people often strive for the ideal of beauty, PRIVATE POLICY wants to celebrate individuality and live diversity. Trust in your uniqueness!

Photo: Courtesy of Private Policy

Maisie Wilen

Maisie Schloss, the designer behind the label, said about the collection that it was primarily about observing and not about live interaction. Maisie Wilen follows the principle of critically questioning old things and, through the Spring 2021 collection, challenges the viewer to rethink his or her perspective. Everything is based on the investigation of how the image of a garment can be manipulated by its design. (Read the full article here)

Photo: Courtesy of Maisie Wilen

Dirty Pineapple

Is our public image, which we show to our families and friends, the same one that we have inside us? The label Dirty Pineapple creates a surrealistic space called “Hush Garden”, which tells the viewer who he or she really is. In this way, feeling safe, one should be able to see how doubts develop into empathy and uncertainties into strengths.

Photo: Courtesy of Dirty Pineapple


Wildfires are less frequently in the news these days. Nevertheless, for many, they mean a significant turning point in their lives. In Australia, too, many suffered from the events of last year. Designer Zoe Champion, originally from Sydney, is dedicating her first collection for the label PH5 to her country and the community – in a spirit of reconciliation and respect for the indigenous people.

Photo: Courtesy of PH5

An exciting second day comes to an end. We are curious what to expect in the following days. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for daily summaries and highlights!

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