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Meet Alexandra Osina: The face behind the campaigns

Photo: Alexandra Osina

She is a perfectionist – and yet she is not. Alexandra Osina has a keen eye for what looks good. Every day of her life looks different; currently she lives in Paris. Yet she did not have her origins in the French country.

“I began my career in Moscow, but now I work internationally which is why Paris is the perfect city for me.”

Back then it started with a few personal stylings for friends and family until she could eventually win the first customers. After two years, she realised that she wanted to change direction in order to have more space to develop and use her creativity without limits.

Photo: Alexandra Osina

There is no typical working day in her life. Many processes are project-dependent. Alexandra Osina often sits in front of the computer for many days, creating moodboards or editing and sending e-mails. She also spends many days on administration and organisation.

“I don’t think that many people outside the industry are aware of this when they imagine the work of a stylist.”

Nevertheless, she loves her job and enjoys being independent. The fact that she has to work on weekends, gets little sleep and is constantly working with all kinds of people in other places does not bother her, but rather brings enrichment to her life. An attitude that may be the key to success in a highly competitive industry.

Photo: Alexandra Osina

“The fashion industry is all about passion and if you’re not willing to make yourself as adaptable as possible and sacrifice your time, sleep and normal life, then you’d better not even try. The profit is not as big as the competition, so it’s really only for those who can’t imagine their life any other way.”

She advises others who intend to establish themselves in the industry to be courageous, hardworking, enthusiastic and grateful. Qualities that she also had to bring with her as she started directly as a freelancer, unlike through training or as an employee in a company. Although she did not choose the classical way, there were no major embarrassing moments. Nevertheless, the stylist remembers a day when not everything went smoothly.

“I remember my first serious shooting in Milan which was wild and fun. We went to the lake Como with a small team. I didn’t have an assistant and we didn’t have a place to change clothes or makeup. Fortunately the model had no problem with it. It was one of the best girls I have worked with. Everything went well, but when there were only 2-3 outfits left to shoot, I opened my suitcase in order to change the look, and noticed that the clothes for one of the most beautiful outfits were completely wrinkled. So I created a look from the clothes I brought along “just in case”. Fortunately the photographer was a friend of mine, so it was not a complete disaster. I must admit, however, that he was not very happy. At least I have learned from this experience to pack better.”

Photo: Evgenij Kuznetsov

Today Alexandra Osina is a professional and loves to work with young brands that are distinguished by a unique aesthetic. In the coming years, however, she would also like to work with larger brands such as Gucci, Prada and Dries Van Noten. In order to be able to assert oneself and stand out from the competition, one thing is essential in the fashion industry: creativity. But what are the characteristics of a good creative person?

“Be open-minded and be ready for quick changes especially in the fashion industry. If you can’t perceive and accept the world in all its shades and angles, you’re dead as a creative.”

We are sure that Alexandra Osina has the qualities needed to be successful internationally. We wish her all the best for the future and will accompany her on her further way.

If you want to find out more about Alexandra Osina, follow her on Instagram and check out her website.

Photo: Alexandra Osina