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Citrus fruit with super powers: The lemon is often underestimated

On hot days we enjoy refreshments such as sparkling water or lemonade, which are often served with a slice of lemon. But the lemon is also a welcome guest in other areas of culinary art. Not only are baked goods refined with lemon peel, but the juice of the citrus fruit is also used. No difference is made between savoury and sweet, the lemon is an all-round talent.

As the fist-sized fruit also proves to be very helpful outside the gourmet sector, we’ve decided to focus more on its super powers. Many people are familiar with the appropriate use of citric acid as a household cleaning aid. But the citrus fruit does not prove to be useless for health or beauty either. In the coming days of this week we will show you how to produce lemon water and how it can help you get through your daily life in a healthier way, how to soothe pimples and impurities on your skin with the help of the lemon, how to use the fruit as a cleanser and how to use the citrus fruit in the fight against annoying mosquitoes.

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