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Preventing pimples and more with lemons: A natural remedy for impure skin

If a person is under stress, it quickly shows up on the face. Pimples and impurities are the result. Instead of taking time out and regenerating, people often resort to cosmetic products. The selection is enormous. The industry knows exactly which products are in demand. They also know how to produce them cheaply. The consumer often cannot tell which ingredients are contained in the product and whether they even slow down the healing process. No expensive skin products are needed. We show you how lemons can help fight pimples and remove impurities.

Notice: The acidity of the lemon should never be underestimated. Even people who have robust skin should always apply the treatment on a small area first. Extra caution is advised especially for those with sensitive skin. It can be helpful after the treatment to apply an appropriate care cream. Treatment with lemons is not recommended for every skin type.

The daily drinking of lemon water can have a positive effect on your skin. Mixed with ginger it can even help you lose weight. We have summarized different versions in an additional article.

The power of lemons against pimples

Some splashes are put on a cotton pad or a cotton stick and held on the pimple. As this should be done for a few minutes, this tip should not necessarily be used on sensitive skin. Due to the strong acidity, this should not be applied to the same area more than twice a week. The lemon juice is recommended to work overnight, which makes an application in the evening a good choice. If pure lemon juice is too aggressive, a mixture with sea salt or sugar is suitable. After the mass has been allowed to act on the affected area for a few minutes, it should be washed off with water. This version is also recommended for sensitive skin.

Lemons to prevent acne

Here too, it is a good idea to mix the lemon juice with sea salt, apply the mixture to the face and leave to soak in for a few minutes. About 5 drops of juice are sufficient for one tablespoon of salt. Finally, wash off with water. A cream can be useful to moisturize the face after application.

What are your experiences with lemon juice in skin care? Did it help or rather harm you? We are pleased to hear about your experience!

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