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Top 5 crazy conspiracy theories about the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Coronavirus is undoubtedly a global threat that requires no further introduction. It has invaded several countries around the world, with several cases being dealt with and its cure still unknown. After the history of this virus was traced back to Wuhan in China, there are still several conspiracy theories surrounding this global virus. In this article we will examine the five crazy top theories about the corona virus.

  1. The virus was created by the United States

Some conspiracy theorists are of the opinion that the United States government is responsible for creating the Corona virus. This theory started out on Channel One – A Russian News Network. The presenter during this program was recorded to have said that the United States Government created this virus as a strategy to weaken the economy of China. He also went on to opine that one of the many reasons why the US government created the virus is to make room for the sale of the vaccine from US to China. This theory was premised on the fact that Corona means crown in Latin and that President Donald Trump was always in charge of crowning winning pageants.

  1. Known people like Bill Gates or Justin Trudeau are responsible for the virus

Going back to October 2019, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation had a rich collaboration with two global bodies – The World Economic Forum and The John Hopkins Centre. This collaboration was established to test how the world is prepared for an epidemic. In a little less than three months after this collaboration, coronavirus broke out in Wuhan, China. According to conspiracy theorists, this collaboration is for epidemic development.

It is not easy to understand how Canada plays a role in this, and that makes it even crazier. Theorists who support this conspiracy believe that the Canadian Justin Trudeau is responsible for making this virus in a laboratory somewhere in Winnipeg, Canada. This laboratory has done research on deadly viruses like the corona virus before.

  1. The 5G Internet

This is really crazy, because it seems almost very difficult to establish a relationship between the 5G Internet network and a global epidemic like the Coronavirus. However, according to a careful look through the eyes of some conspiracy theorists, China was one of the first countries, particularly Wuhan, to introduce the 5G network. This theory considers the radiation of the 5G Internet to be responsible for the outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic.

  1. A measure against demographic change

It is not unknown that the population is growing rapidly. The demographic change shows clearly that there are always older people. So is the coronavirus a measure to fight it? According to some theories this sounds more than plausible. Less money to spend on pensions and social benefits and a lot of energy by the younger generation. Sounds ethically reprehensible? It is, if you consider that every life should be of equal value and that human dignity should be inviolable. Nevertheless, this theory does exist and with today’s fluctuations of certain members of the government of certain countries one can never know.

  1. The virus was created from HIV

This is one of the craziest of all the many conspiracy theories surrounding the Coronavirus, because it is said to have been created by some unknown people who are infected with HIV. This theory was proposed by a group of Indian researchers who believe that the COVID-19 virus has some similarities with HIV. This theory says that HIV was modified to create what we now call Coronavirus.

There is no certainty as to which of these conspiracy theories are even partially true, and thus the origin of the coronavirus. While intensive efforts are being made at both international and national level to find a permanent cure for this virus, there are also efforts to find out what the true state of its development might be.

Do you also know or have conspiracy theories regarding the current situation and the development of the Coronavirus? Feel free to share them with us!

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