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These are ALDI customers’ favorite products of 2019

Did you know that ALDI already launched its first store in the US back in 1976? The company that operates grocery stores has become a true competitor to market leaders and a favorite amongst many of us. Now the brand has released their customers’ favorite products of 2019, featuring 23 items of different categories.

“Our fans have spoken and we’re excited to share their most-loved products,” said Scott Patton, Vice President of Corporate Buying at ALDI U.S. “When I think about what makes ALDI so unique, it’s three important factors: our incredibly loyal customers, our commitment to high-quality products and our unbeatable prices. The ALDI Fan Favorites program brings this trifecta together in a formula we know our customers will be happy to see in their local ALDI store.”

Over 40,000 customers participated in ALDI’s survey to vote for their most-loved products that are exclusively available at ALDI. Noticing and satisfying customers’ needs helps the company to grow more efficiently and faster, saving time and money. Customers can find the 23 products, that are marked with a blue heart-shaped logo, in 1,900 stores that are located in 36 states – availability is limited: ALDI can not therefore not guarantee that products can be found at every single store.

Ranked in order of the most votes, these are ALDI Shoppers’ most-loved products of 2019:

  1. Kids: Happy Farms String Cheese
  2. Pantry staple: Simply Nature Organic Chicken Broth or Low Sodium Chicken Broth
  3. Cooking/baking staple: Simply Nature Organic Spices
  4. Easy meal: Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen 16” Pepperoni Deli Pizza
  5. Fruit: Strawberries
  6. Deli: Never Any! Oven Roasted Turkey or Uncured Black Forest Ham
  7. Dip or spread: Simply Nature Organic Hummus
  8. Vegetable: Simply Nature Organic Spring Mix
  9. Breakfast: L’oven Fresh Everything Bagel
  10. Milk alternative: Friendly Farms Almondmilk
  11. Sweet treat: Moser Roth Premium Chocolate
  12. Condiment or sauce: Specially Selected Gourmet Vinaigrette Dressings
  13. Snack: Simply Nature Organic Tortilla Chips
  14. Alcohol: Winking Owl Moscato
  15. Cheese: Happy Farms Preferred Specialty Shreds
  16. Meat: Appleton Farms Thick Sliced Flavored Bacon
  17. Seafood: Fremont Fish Market Jumbo EZ Peel Raw Shrimp
  18. Beverage: PurAqua Belle Vie Sparkling Flavored Water
  19. Bread or baked good: Specially Selected Brioche Buns
  20. Grab and go: Park Street Deli Hummus Mini Cups
  21. Vegetarian/vegan: Earth Grown Veggie Burgers
  22. Baby or toddler: Little Journey Baby Wipes
  23. Gluten-free: liveGfree Gluten Free Multiseed Crackers
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