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Blogger Karen Lecomte: “My mother is my biggest inspiration”

Photo: Karen Lecomte

Karen Lecomte wants to become what many dream of: a well-known blogger. Especially in these days, this is anything but easy. Since her blog inspired us, we decided to invite her for an interview.

As a blogger and digital content creator for brands, she lives with her family in the Paris region. “I am married and have two children.”, she says. For us, this sounds very time-consuming. When we ask her how she coordinates her time, she answers: “It’s not always easy to manage my time, but I organize myself pretty well and get a lot of help from my husband. We have a very busy schedule together and we try to plan everything in advance. I organize my family life as best I can and make the most of the time with a few tips that I share on my blog (planning menus in advance, shopping, easy recipes, home tips, etc.).”

Photo: Karen Lecomte

Karen Lecomte’s blog focuses on lifestyle, table decor, flowers and fall. During the week, she enjoys to highlight the beauty of everyday life. “I believe that aesthetics and positivity have the power to enrich our lives and each of our moments.” A view that was not understood by the whole family at the beginning of her blogging career: “When I first started, my husband was quite reluctant. He did not understand the dimension of my work as a blogger. For him it was quite pointless and he didn’t understand that it could interest people as he is not part of my target audience!” Over time, however, he has understood what she values: Sharing everyday moments and interacting with her audience.

Photo: Karen Lecomte

Already in her childhood Karen Lecomte had a passion for creating. Her first great love, however, was reading. “This love for books led me to writing. I started with my personal diary, then teenage fiction.” She later developed an interest in photography, which laid the foundation of her blog Shabby Karen. “I was looking for the ideal way that would allow me to share my writing and photos and exchange my creations with others: the blog was the perfect solution, with Instagram of course. In the beginning I found it hard to get started because I lacked confidence, today I don’t regret it. I’m kicking myself and it’s the best thing I’ve done.” Being able to share her joy of life with others through social media is what drives and motivates her every single day.

Photo: Karen Lecomte

Although other blogs, Pinterest and Instagram help Karen Lecomte find new ideas for content, one person in particular plays a special role: “My mother is my biggest inspiration. She had this sophistication and this natural elegance. She paid attention to details and aesthetics. Flowers at home, a pretty table, decorations, a traditional dish – it doesn’t take much to make moments more beautiful and memorable.” Her childhood memories are also valuable sources of inspiration for her: “The books of La Comtesse de Segur I read as a child for traditional inspiration, then, as a teenager, the series Clueless with the aestheticism of the villa of the heroine Cheryl and when I grew up I swore by the series Desperate Housewives. Those neat houses, those pastries, that fancy furniture made me dream.” Formative for her was also the time she spent studying in the United States, where she fell in love with American culture and Southern style. “Charm, femininity, family, good food, warm and refined decoration still inspires me today.”

Photo: Karen Lecomte

We are excited to see how many readers Karen Lecomte will inspire with her blog one day! Feel free to visit her blog or to follow her on Instagram.

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