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Living artwork: 50 square meters full of life at Bentley’s headquarters in Crewe

Photo courtesy of Bentley

Green life at the grey wall: Bentley Motors is taking a step towards greater sustainability in Crewe, where the company’s headquarters are located. The luxury car brand, which employs 4,000 people there, wants to stand out not only through high-quality British manufacturing, but also through environmental friendliness.

A green wall on the side of the main production hall is now also to set a visual sign. 2,600 plants and 28 species of ferns, grasses and evergreens grown locally in the UK were carefully selected for the installation. The concept was designed to allow the wall to thrive all year round. Irrigation was also considered: an intelligent watering system ensures that the plants are provided with the right amount of water according to the weather.

Photo courtesy of Bentley

Peter Bosch, Member of the Board for Manufacturing, said about the wall: “By installing the living wall on the side of our main production hall – one of the most visible and frequently visited areas of our site – we’re creating a living and breathing reminder to our colleagues, customers and all our visitors that sustainability sits at the heart of all of our operations here in Crewe.”

Photo courtesy of Bentley

Not only does the green wall look great and highlight Bentley’s strategy to expand its commitment to the environment, it also helps to reduce carbon from the atmosphere on the ground. As a result, it has been calculated that over the course of a year in addition to producing about 40 kg of oxygen, the plants in the wall absorb heat, provide natural insulation and filter VOC toxins and dust. The installation also supports the biodiversity on site and is a great addition to the existing more than 1,000 flowers on the factory premises and the beehives that house over 300,000 Flying Bees.

Photo courtesy of Bentley

Bosch wants to make Bentley the most sustainable luxury car manufacturer in the world. “At Bentley we are focused on the delivery of sustainable luxury mobility and the reduction of our operations’ environmental impact.”, he says “…our journey continues by looking for new ways to innovate our sustainability plans for the future.”

Photo courtesy of Bentley

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