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These are Airbnb’s five top trending destinations for New Year’s Eve in 2019

Nkrumah Memorial Park - First president of independent Ghana, West Africa

After having a nice time enjoying Christmas with your family, you might realize that it’s just a few days left until the next highlight of 2019: New Year’s Eve. Especially as we say goodbye to a whole decade, this year’s event should be celebrated in a special way. Did you know, that 80,000 NYE wish lists were created on Airbnb in 2019? Are you also thinking about leaving home to enter 2020? The platform has released the top trending destinations for celebrating New Year’s Eve and these are the top five:

  1. Accra, Ghana
    With the highest growth in guest arrivals over the last year, the capital of Ghana is the number one of travel destinations on New Year’s Eve. Those who want to get to know the diversity of the African continent are certainly in good hands in Accra.
  1. Louisville, KY
    The American city of Louisville in Kentucky offers many cultural highlights and tourist attractions. Maybe this is the reason why the city is ranked second among the most popular places of the platform to celebrate New Year’s Eve.
  1. Haymarket, Australia
    The young and young-at-heart are at home in the suburb of Sydney. This is where the heart beats faster for those who like street markets or trendy parties and want to experience the vibrant life of the Australian city.
  1. Duong Dong, Vietnam
    The beauty of nature can definitely be discovered in the Vietnamese city of Duong Dong: Many impressions through smells, colours or sounds are perceived everywhere here.
  1. Kofu-shi, Japan
    The Japanese people are known for their hard work, but also for their hospitality. Whoever wants to get to know the Asian culture is certainly in good hands here. Need more arguments? The huge selection of fruits will convince you for sure!

Cover pic and statistics provided by Airbnb.

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