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These are our five last minute tips for hosting Christmas this year

Season’s greeting to you, we hope you’re having a wonderful time this year! As Christmas is just a few days away, we thought it’ll be a great idea to share some last minute tips for hosting a fun & memorable Christmas dinner. So, if you’ve been busy all week and haven’t had the time to fully prepare, the next set of tips should help…

Tip 1: Set Up A Festive Ambience
Christmas is all about having your loved ones over and enjoying the festivities together. Well, without a properly decorated space, it won’t be possible. However, since the big day is around the corner, here are a few ways to quickly decorate your space;

  • Try lighting scented candles with “Christmas aromas” to emphasize the season
  • Incorporate fairy lights around your mantlepiece or place them together in a vase for a chic touch
  • Revamp your bookshelves with festive Christmas ornaments
  • Last, but not least, don’t forget to play festive music for the perfect Christmas ambience

Tip 2: Make A Plan/List For Shopping
Since Christmas is just a few days away, it is pretty normal to feel frantic and anxious about shopping. However, it is best to relax & take a few hours to list down all you need for gifts, as well as, cooking Christmas dinner. To be more effective in this aspect, try these tips;

  • List out the meals you need to prepare, including how long it’ll take you to prepare each
  • Research on the best places to get exactly what you plan on getting
  • Be prepared to “fight”. With all the valued gifts nearly sold out, it is almost certain you would get into some run-ins with people.

It is always advisable to bring along a friend or relative to help out, because we guarantee that it will be hectic.

Tip 3: Get Some Generic Gifts For Surprise Guests
A huge part of hosting Christmas is the fact that you can’t tell just how many guests you will receive. Thus, it’s always best to be adequately prepared for unexpected visitors! The best way to do this, is by ensuring you have fun Christmas gifts laying around. Think budget friendly gifts like boxes of chocolates, scented candles, festive ornaments, scrapbooks, keychains, etc. Trust us, they’ll love each gift with all their hearts!

Tip 4: Set The Table A Night Before
A good tip to ensure your Christmas dinner is absolutely perfect is to set the dinner table the night of the 24th. Although this may seem like a minor thing to worry about, it is a big deal, because of the pressure that comes with the day. Plus, you need to get the table right… everything from cutlery, table decor & napkin arrangements have to be in check!

Tip 5: Breathe Easy & Enjoy The Day
Our final tip for you this Christmas is to enjoy the day. Soak up the love associated with spending the day with people who genuinely care for you. Also, it’s Christmas! You deserve to be relaxed and happy.

Try out these valuable tips and be the best Christmas host ever! Enjoy the season and Merry Christmas again..

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