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This is Bentley and Bomber’s high class ski and drive experience and how much it costs

Photo: Bentley

Unique skiing and driving experiences that combine adventure and luxury in a relaxed way: We’ll tell you exactly what the new experience of Bentley Motors and Bomber Ski is all about and how much you have to pay for this unique type of event.

December 10 2019 Telluride CO Bomber Skis Bode Miller @mattpower (Source: Bentley)

Everyone who wants to enjoy a top class event should not only bring some money but also time. The whole event will last six days and five nights, starting on March 4 in Telluride, Colorado and ending on March 9 in Park City, Utah. However, time will literally fly by as participants will be chauffeured from the first to the second luxury resort with a private transfer. And this is by no means the only flight: Included is a spectacular helicopter ride over the peaks of the Rocky Mountains.

December 10 2019 Telluride CO Bomber Skis Bode Miller @mattpower (Source: Bentley)

It is truly an experience of the senses, which cannot make the beautiful nature more comprehensible. A highlight will certainly be a ski program, which is aimed at skiers of all levels of ability. The six-time Olympic medal winner and five-time ski world champion Bode Miller will accompany the guests on the slopes with professional care and guidance. Amongst other things, areas are also explored with special vehicles that are not normally accessible. Sunrises here will create unforgettable memories for life. Afterwards the 18 participants can explore the untouched nature on skis by themselves. Furthermore, impressions of nature can be collected by snowshoeing. But also gourmets will feel comfortable: Guests dine all the time in renowned restaurants in the region, which are not only known for their excellent food, but also for their excellent wine selection.

Even if the exclusive experience lures with one adrenaline kick after another, the participants do not have to be stressed. On the contrary: The ski program, for example, includes an in-house ski service, which personally takes care of the guests’ ski equipment with specialists and ensures that the equipment fits perfectly and is also in your personal locker every morning. Thanks to the exclusive service, it will also be possible to change skis according to weather conditions in order to experience the perfect descent.

December 10 2019 Telluride CO Bomber Skis Bode Miller @mattpower (Source: Bentley)

Such an exclusive service has its price: Double occupancy costs $28,950 / £22,257 and single occupancy costs $17,950 / £13,800.

The event in March will not be the only one of its kind. More extravagant events are planned and will be announced with more information during the year.

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