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Have a look at the redesigned cube: Apple Fifth Avenue is back in New York

New York, USA – Who doesn’t want to discover and try Apple’s newest innovations and products in a bright and expansive space? Apple Fifth Avenue reopened completely reimagined and redesigned – bigger and better – nearly double the size, including a higher ceiling and natural light. Apple recreated the perfect space inside the glass cube for its customers to dive into a world of innovation and design. Since Steve Jobs opened the store in 2006, Apple welcomed over 57 million visitors. Apple Fifth Avenue is open 24 hours a day, 364 days a year and will reopen its doors tomorrow, on September 20, with the availability of the new Apple products, like the new iPhone 11 Pro, that were introduced on September 10 in California.

A brighter and more expansive space for customers to try and discover Apple’s products
Below the luminous glass cube you can find 18 mirror-glass Skylenses and 62 skylights that bring natural light into the expanded store


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